About Zaia Soul

Intuitive Channel + Soul Coach

Hi! I am Jessica Zaia. As an Intuitive Healer and Soul Coach, my intention is to help you remember who you are, what your soul came here to do, and how to do it. To live your soul purpose in full expression.


I have a unique ability to unearth the root cause of deep seeded blocks, and see the specific intuitive gifts you have to support you in your soul's mission. My intention is to help heal what's holding you back and develop your natural abilities into a skill set to fully embody your magic.


  I help you shed emotional baggage, release layers of conditioning, mentally reprogram, remember your soul purpose, develop your intuitive gifts, and harness your unique power to effect positive change in the world. 


After 17 years in corporate sales, I now dedicate my life to bringing grounded intuitive techniques into the modern world to facilitate the collective awakening.


You don't have to do it alone. Let's journey, shall we?

I am here to help you heal, activate, and ascend.


Turn your intuitive gifts into a skillset to support your role in the Great Awakening.

My intention is to lead you home to your own guiding light. To be a partner in your healing, awakening, and expansion. To see the seers, heal the healers, and help you shine your light brighter to light the path for the rest of the world. I want to give you the tools and guidance that I've sought and discovered along my own journey.


I was born with intuitive gifts. As a child I had out of body experiences, saw spirits, and interacted with subtle energy. I played the role of therapist to many people in my life because I was so intimately connected to what they were going through. I felt their emotions as if they were my own, clairvoyantly saw the root of the issue, intuitively knew the path to healing, and channeled the words to guide them along that path. Childhood and adolescence was a confusing and overwhelming time with little understanding of how to navigate life with such a heightened sensitivity.


Over the years I have worked with amazing teachers, shamans, intuitives, healers, and coaches who have helped me develop my natural abilities into a skill set - and continue to do so.


Self actualization guides my thirst for expansion daily. I am a student of nature, energetics, and the Akashic Records, and use a variety of modalities, though claim none in particular. Soul Sessions are as unique as each Soul that enters the space I hold. 


I invite you to align with your Soul, be your own guru, and feel empowered to consciously create your life from that state.  The world is ready for you. This is where the magic happens!

The Results

What  clients are saying...

I began to  an energetic shift in my soul and perspective. Her innate healing abilities were overwhelming. I definitely did not believe in psychic abilities before I met Jess. My experience with Jessica was truly a miracle.

I began to accept my intuitive power as real and kill the powerful doubt and fear that my rational mind relied on for so many years. She is not a false guru who seeks permanent dependence on her. She is on a mission for awakening and is equipping me as she advances it.

Jessica’s partnership has helped me crack open 

to create space for the spiritual connection with myself that I have deeply longed for throughout the course of my entire life. She brought to light what I needed to connect with in order to grow and reach a new level of enlightenment


Jessica’s guidance shines light on the areas we so badly want to keep hidden in the dark. I strongly encourage anyone who’s looking to connect with an incredible human for spiritual guidance to reach out to Jessica. You will feel instantly at home, comfortable, excited, and so, so safe.


Jessica is an amazing investment to make in yourself if you’re wanting to go to the next level of your soul journey

Empowering Your Spiritual Awakening

Soul Coach | Intuitive Healer | Akashic Records Reader


Zaia Soul helps you navigate your spiritual awakening, develop your intuitive gifts, and heal what's holding you back so you can fulfill your soul's highest calling.


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